Monday, 7 September 2009

Air Tattoo Update Blog Launched

As this Blog is pretty much linked to the 2009 Royal International Air Tattoo, I have created a new Blog address for the Air Tattoo in general, so I don't have to constantly update from 2009, to 2010, and so on, so please click on the link below to access the new Blog, and please add it your favourites so that you can check in from time to time!

I'm already asking you to vote on what you would like as the first aircraft on your list to attend next year's show on the RIAT 2010 Poll, so please feel free to vote & comment!

Here's the link to the new blog:

Thanks for visiting the 2009 Blog!

Monday, 20 July 2009

What a Show!

Well, I'm back now from the Royal International Air Tattoo, and I'm pleased to say that the weather held fine for the display on Saturday, despite there being some heavy looking clouds around, the sun managed to poke it's face through on many occasions, and thanks to this and the ind, resulted in a very sunburnt face!

Not that I'm complaining though, as it all allowed the Vulcan to make it's dramatic take off and display sequence - the first time I've seen it take off since 1992, so only 17 years to wait for that - hopefully I won't have to wait quite a long for the next time to see it take off.

Just in case you haven't got a clue what I'm on about, here it is taking off, listen for the howl as soon as the Vulcan begins to make its burst down the runway.

We arrived at just past 7am, and got in for 7.30, straight over to the fence to book our place for the day, quickly followed by a cuppa, even if it did cost £1.70 for it!

The display got underway at 10am, with the F18 Hornet rampaging through the skies, and that pretty much set the pattern for the day, with some excellent displays from the Rafael - making it's debut at RIAT '09, the Gripens, the huge B52, and of course the Red Arrows.

The only thing missing for me was a B1 bomber in the flying display, otherwise I would have said that this was the best RIAT for some time.

The Royal Navy sequence was pretty cool too, with planes from yesteryear appearing alongside the Harriers, and many many helicopters taking a leading role too, all hovering above the runway on their landing - now that was pretty special to see.

So, all in all a great RIAT in 2009, and my day made complete thanks to the return of the Vulcan - and that howl - hopefully it will be back in 2010, alongside a flying B1 bomber!

Friday, 5 June 2009

RIAT 2009

Well it's now only a month or so away from the best Airshow on the planet, the Royal International Air Tattoo.

Fairford takes centre stage to the world's largest military airshow, which will feature over 300 aircraft, with some outstanding flying displays.

Question is, which is the best, my personal favourites have to be the

B1 bomber, which at present isn't on the flying list, but hopefully will soon be added, and the Vulcan bomber which made its return to the skies in the past 18 months will hopefully be in attendance following several painstaking months of watching the project almost go to the wall.

RIAT is certainly the place to be with come mid July, with views of aircraft not normally found in this country, to be had. Many people will head for the
arrivals & departures days, whilst the bulk of the public will attend on the show days, being Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July this year.

Last year's show was cancelled due to the adverse weather leading up to the event, a decision totally understood by most, but made all the more frustrating by the fact that the actual show days were blessed with sunshine. With a bit of luck the weather this year will prove kinder all round!!

Anyway, what are you hoping to see at RIAT 2009?